To The Bone
To The Bone
LP – 2017


11 track LP/album – 2017

Steven Wilson fifth record is in many ways inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records that I loved in my youth (think Peter Gabriel’s So, Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring and Tears for Fears’ Seeds of Love).

“Lyrically, the album’s eleven tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the current era in which truth can apparently be a flexible notion, observations of the everyday lives of refugees, terrorists and religious fundamentalists, and a welcome shot of some of the most joyous wide-eyed escapism I’ve created in my career so far. Something for all the family!”



Steven Wilson 4½

LP – 2016

6 track LP/album – 2016

4½ is a mini-album by Steven Wilson, released on 22 January 2016. It collects songs that were written during the sessions for the previous two studio albums, Hand. Cannot. Erase. and The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories). The closing track is a new version of “Don’t Hate Me”, sung as a duet with Ninet Tayeb.

“My Book of Regrets” was written in late 2013 and finished in June 2015. Main recording took place from 28 June 2015 in Montreal, with additional recording at No Man’s Land.
“Year of the Plague” was written and recorded during the The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) sessions in 2012–2013.
“Happiness III” was written in 2013 and recorded during the Hand. Cannot. Erase. sessions at Air Studio in September 2014.
“Sunday Rain Sets In” was recorded during the Hand. Cannot. Erase. sessions at Air Studios, East West and Spin Studios in 2014.
“Vermillioncore” was partly written in late 2013, finished in June 2015 and recorded in October 2015.
“Don’t Hate Me” was written in 1998 and originally released by Wilson’s Porcupine Tree on their 1999 album Stupid Dream. This version of the track was taken from a solo-band live concert in Europe in September 2015, with additional recording at No Man’s Land.



Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Hand. Cannot. Erase.
LP – 2015


11 track LP/album – 2015

Hand. Cannot. Erase. is the fourth solo studio album by Steven Wilson. The album was released on 27 February 2015 through Kscope. The album was recorded in September 2014 at AIR Studios, London, UK. The album is written from a female perspective, and the concept and story are inspired by the case of Joyce Carol Vincent, where a woman living in a large city dies in her apartment and no one misses her for over three years, despite her having family and friends.

“The basic story, or concept of the record – it’s about a woman growing up, who goes to live in the city, very isolated, and she disappears one day and no one notices. There’s more to it than that. Now, what’s really interesting about this story is that your initial reaction when you hear a story like that is, ‘Ah, little old bag lady that no one notices, no one cares about.’ She wasn’t like that. She was young, she was popular, she was attractive, she had many friends, she had family, but for whatever reason, nobody missed her for three years.”



Cover Version
Cover Version
cover LP – 2014


12 track LP/album – 2014

A newly compiled and sympathetically remastered CD which collects all the tracks from the 6 Cover Version singles that were released on Steven’s own label Headphone Dust (and on 7 inch single by ToneFloat) between 2003-2010. These completely solo singles were originally recorded and released quickly and with no artwork, with only the final release (Cover Version VI) coming in a special box to house all six CDs, with design by Carl Glover and a booklet of portraits of Steven by Hajo Mueller.

This 12 track album now compiles the 6 cover versions and the 6 originals that were on the “B sides” onto a single CD in a beautiful vinyl style gatefold card sleeve with inner bag. The original artwork has been reworked by Carl Glover for the gatefold sleeve, which also now includes sleeve notes by Steven

1. “Thank U” – Alanis Morissette 4:39
2. “Moment I Lost” – Steven Wilson 3:12
3. “The Day Before You Came” – ABBA 5:06
4. “Please Come Home” – Steven Wilson 3:30
5. “A Forest” – The Cure 6:04
6. “Four Trees Down” – Steven Wilson 3:33
7. “The Guitar Lesson” – Momus 4:03
8. “The Unquiet Grave” – Traditional 6:57
9. “Sign o’ the Times” – Prince 3:55
10. “Well You’re Wrong” – Steven Wilson 3:35
11. “Lord of the Reedy River” – Donovan 5:03
12. “An End to End” – Steven Wilson 5:12



The Raven That Refused To Sing
The Raven That Refused To Sing
LP – 2013


6 track LP/album – 2013

The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) is the third solo album by Steven Wilson, released by Kscope on 25 February 2013. Each track on the album is based on a story of the supernatural. Alan Parsons, who had previously been involved in the creation of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, was responsible for engineering the album.

“The title track explores the story of an old man at the end of his life who is waiting to die. He thinks back to a time in his childhood when he was incredibly close to his older sister. She was everything to him, and he was everything to her. Unfortunately, she died when they were both very young.

The man becomes convinced that a raven, who visits the man’s garden, is something of a symbol or a manifestation of his sister. The thing is, his sister would sing to him whenever he was afraid or insecure, and it was a calming influence on him. In his ignorance, he decides that if he can get the raven to sing to him, it will be the final proof that this is, in fact, his sister who has come back to take him with her to the next life.”




Grace For Drowning
Grace For Drowning
LP – 2011


2cd|12 track LP/album – 2011

Grace for Drowning is the second solo studio album by Steven Wilson, released by Kscope on 26 September 2011. The album received a nomination at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Surround Sound Album.

“‘Insurgentes’ was an important step for me into something new. ‘Grace for Drowning’ takes that as a starting point, but it’s more experimental and more eclectic. For me the golden period for music was the late sixties and early seventies, when the album became the primary means of artistic expression, when musicians liberated themselves from the 3 minute pop song format, and started to draw on jazz and classical music especially, combining it with the spirit of psychedelia to create “journeys in sound” I guess you could call them. So without being retro, my album is a kind of homage to that spirit. There’s everything from Ennio Morricone-esque film themes to choral music to piano ballads to a 23 minute progressive jazz –inspired piece. I’ve actually used a few jazz musicians this time, which is something I picked up from my work remixing the King Crimson records”



Insurgentes Album
LP – 2008


10 track LP/album – 2008

2 Disc Set (CD + DVDA) with a 24 page booklet packaged in a Super jewel case with slipcase. Announcing Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson’s debut solo album ‘Insurgentes’. Acclaimed for his work with Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Anja Garbarek amongst others, Steven Wilson’s debut album Insurgentes contains 10 new tracks that range from ballads and anthems to all-out industrial noise assaults.

The dark, cinematic and richly textured album represents two years’ worth of creative output and numerous recording sessions worldwide in studios from Mexico City to Japan and Israel. While Wilson is a member of several bands including Blackfield, No- Man and Bass Communion, he explains that

“when I began writing these songs, I quickly realized that they would be best suited to an album under my own name. It was an intuitive, almost unconscious writing process that resulted in a kind of ‘poetry of melancholy.'”

Wilson recruited a stellar cast of guests to work on the album including bassist Tony Levin, Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, and keyboardist Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), alongside Japanese Koto player Michiyo Yagi, British guitarist Sand Snowman, and jazz flautist and saxophonist Theo Travis. The final product inhabits a similar experimental realm as recent albums by Thom Yorke, Portishead, and Nine Inch Nails.

The process of making this album is filmed as a road movie and can be purchased via Kscope



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